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Frequently asked questions about Decembear:
How does Decembear keep his fur so shiny? With bear-conditioner, of claws!
Why was Decembear always calm during the holidays? He knew how to paws and reflect!
Why does Decembear love hot cocoa? It's the bear-st way to warm up!

Decembear's bright idea didn't go as planned.
Decembear takes hibernation very seriously.
Decembear's New Year's Resolution
A bear-y smooth glide!
Decembear kindly intends to be generous.
Be Inspiration.


Welcome to Decembear! I am a comic artist who loves to create simple and heartwarming comics featuring my lovely bear character. My goal is to bring a smile to your face and sometimes make you think... less. Cause aren't we all overthinking too much already? Explore my portfolio and enjoy the world of Decembear!


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